About Benzoic Acid

Dear students,

We here at Benzoic Acid a project by Amarendar Singh are well positioned to meet your educational needs.  We at all times strive to maintain our strong dedication to serve our customers in a very special way, while at the same time working towards developing innovative educational solutions to make your educational experience even more fulfilling and convinient  in these competitive world.

Benzoic Acid is one of the largest and reliable organisation in the country and we aspire to be the first largest home tutors organisation by 2015.  As part of our growth strategy we plan to open 200 branches and 400 registration centers in the months to come.  This would mean that our customers would be able to access us easily and conviniently. 

Our organisation proposes to train its students in the art of educational chemistry to help them  avail the benefits of easy made concepts and learning.

In our endeavour to provide you the best of education. The organisation provides its students free assignments, free offer sms alerts, solution to queries and difficulties  at an affordable rate to suit every pocket.

You can count on us to be your trusted partner in educational progress.